Fan In The Stands: Family's Scholarship Recognizes Player Each Year

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CALIFORNIA - Pinto football is nothing new to the Allee family.

"We've been supportive of football all the way through. I guess I've seen every team since probably 1965," said Paul Allee.

Paul's grandson, Chris, is a senior runningback. Chris' father, Craig, was a linebacker on the team. And Chris' uncle, Randy, played offensive lineman and linebacker. Randy left quite an impression on his brother Craig.

"He flat tore it up. Him and his buddies they got with it," said Craig. "They put the smack down on most of the people they came up against. He loved football. He loved getting out there and tearing it up."

But tragedy struck in January of 1994 when Randy was only 24 years old.

"He had an electrical problem with his furnace, and it ended up burning down his house," said Chris. "He died before...he died right by the back door, before he could get out."

In Randy's memory, his family set up a $1000 scholarship, which usually goes to the top senior offensive lineman on the team.

"We wanted to set up something for a scholarship. And we set it up for more linemen and stuff because they don't get a lot of recognition a lot of times," said Paul.

Geary Labuary, an assistant coach for the football team, knows that Randy's scholarship is something special.

"I think number one, it's an opportunity to go on to college if they'd like with the money. And number two, I think it's an honor to get it," Labuary said.

Chris is happy his family can provide support to fellow teammates.

"I think it's really good. He loved football, and I think its great that my family put that together to try to help out some fellow football people that love the same game he did."

Randy Allee may be gone, but his scholarship is continuing right where the big bruising lineman left off - opening holes for other players to excel.