Fan In The Stands: Father Records Son's Games

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JEFFERSON CITY - Senior Jared Johnson is a state championship caliber wrestler, he's a 4.0 student and he's a star football player for Jefferson City High School.

"Each game I come ready to play," said Johnson. "It's a big day every day, and you have to come play your best, go your hardest."

But whether it's on the mats or at the field, if you take a look around, you'll always find a fan with a video camera - Jared's dad.

"It started the first day I could pick up a camera," said Jared's father Steve Johnson. "As you get older and you want to look back, it's a chance to relive and watch."

Steve Johnson's lesson begins right when the real game ends.

"I watch all the games over again, pretty much right after we play them, and his wrestling matches the same way. And as a former coach I give him some pointers, but not too many," said Steve.

But above all else, it's a bonding moment between father and son.

"I don't want to criticize him. I'm his dad. I'm going to support him and love him," said Steve. "Criticizing him is for the coaches. They're the ones who are going to correct him and make him better."

A long time football and wrestling coach at Jefferson City High School, Steve played college football at Southeast Missouri State, and came close to making the St. Louis Cardinals football roster. But that's in the past.

"I went through 32 years here at JC High School, and it was a great career," said Steve. "Retired when my son started to pick up athletics, and I thought it was time to be a dad."

And on Friday night, Dad got to see his son score a touchdown, and also be crowned Homecoming king.

"It means a lot to me. He films every game," said Jared. "I think we still have film from fourth or fifth grade playing football."

Steve says he likes the fact that he can always watch his son play.

"I've always said when I'm in my real old age, and I'm sitting in the recliner or the rocking chair and in between taking naps, I'm going to watch him play football again," said the elder Johnson.

He was a player and a coach, but Steve Johnson's current job is Dad.