Fan in the Stands Paris

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Friday night was a special one for Paris High School lineman Rob Bounds.

It was senior night. Although, fans don't have to look far to hear the cheers for Bounds: his sister Dede is on the cheerleading squad.

"It's good to have someone...It's good to have family being there for you to support you. It keeps me playing hard, and I'm glad somebody's there to support me," Bounds said.

Dede says her brother is the reason she cheers.

"It's way cool. I like it a lot better because I have someone to cheer for. Like next year, I dont know if I'm going to cheer because Rob is going to be gone. And I had another brother that played last year, and I cheered for him too," Dede Bounds said.

The siblings are two years apart in age. They support each other on, and off, the field.

"If anyone's mean to me at school, obviously he sticks up for me. And if anybody's says anthing to him at school, i'm sticking up for him," Dede said.

Not to mention in the virtual world as well.

"Usually if we have time we talk, we have fun a little bit, play videogames together," Rob said.

The favorite video game of choice: Call of Duty.

"I don't play like all the time, but he tries to teach me, and i'm really bad at it," Dede said.

It's a close bond that any parent would be proud of.

"The've never been seperated, even through a divorce. They've gone together. They've never been apart," Amber Riechers, mother, said.

No duo shows the relationship between football and cheerleading like Rob and Dede.