Fans React to Haith

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COLUMBIA - Fans reacted to the news of the possible new head Missouri Basketball Coach, Frank Haith. Haith is the head coach of the University of Miami. He has an overall record of 129-101 in seven seasons with the Hurricanes and is 43-69 in the ACC. Here are some of the fans' thoughts.

Rick Wade said, "I kinda feel like we were swinging for the fence with Painter, and now we are playing it safe and laying down a bunt."

John Old said, "Personally I think we could have gotten a bigger name than what we are going to end up with."

"Coming into a program with the fractured play by the coach leaving, with the kids staying, and recruiting or the absence there of it's going to be tough for this guy. I don't know how much time and patience the fan base can have with a new guy," said Ken Wilhelm.

Trace Johnson said, "I don't know we' ll see. I mean I didn't watch enough of him in Miami, I only watched a few games and only read a few articles about him...we'll have to see. I think he will be ok." 

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