Fans React to MU Basketball Coach's Suspension

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COLUMBIA - The NCAA announced the five game suspension of University of Missouri's Men's Basketball Coach Frank Haith Tuesday. 

The suspension came after a two-year-long investigation beginning when Coach Haith was the men's basketball coach at the University of Miami. The NCAA sent out a full 102-page report on the details of the investigation and the suspension. 

The five-game suspension will not count in Friday's game, because it is an exhibition match. However, the suspension will count for the first five games of the regular season. The first five games include:

1. November 8, vs. Southeastern Louisiana (Home)

2. November 12, vs. Southern Illinois (Home)

3. November 16, vs. Hawaii (Away)

4. November 23, vs. Garnder-Webb (Away)

5. November 25, in Las Vegas vs. IUPUI (Away)

Mizzou basketball fans reacted to Coach Haith's suspension on Tuesday. Some had no idea Coach Haith had been suspended, some were surprised, and other's think it wasn't enough of a punishment.

"It's good because if we lost him he's done such a good job at recruiting as the Mizzou head coach," basketball fan Dylan Hicks said. "Five games is nothing. It's just a slap on the wrist basically."

Coach Haith's former assistant coach wasn't as lucky as he was. Jorge Fernandez will get a two-year show-cause penalty. A show-cause penalty means if Fernandez is hired by any other NCAA team, his penalties will remain in force.

Since Coach Haith will miss the first five games of the regular season, some fans don't think it should have much of an affect on the rest of the season.  

"It could've been a lot worse, but look at the games we have coming up, it shouldn't be an issue," MU fan Micheal Simpson said.

Some fans think the five game suspension could affect the outcome of some of the games Coach Haith is missing.

"The fact that he's missing the Hawaii game, in Kansas City, is unfortunate, but he got off really easily," fan Naif Bartlett said.

Since the incident happened when Coach Haith was still at the University of Miami, the University of Missouri's Athletic Department won't be affected. University of Miami's Athletic Department, is on a three-year suspension. The basketball program at Miami will also lose three scholarships - one per year.