Farewell to Chancellor Deaton

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COLUMBIA - Friday November 15 marks the day MU's Chancellor Brady Deaton's retirement is effective, but Wednesday MU students hosted a surprise farewell.

Students gathered around the Deaton residence and rang the doorbell unannounced followed by students singing the Alma Mater and showering him with their thanks.

University of Missouri Student Body President Nick Droege said an event like this is perfect to express their appreciation for the Chancellor.

"Brady and Anne have always kept students at the center of everything they do," Droege said. "And so we are making sure we can do something kind of as a gesture to show how many students they have impacted and how much it means to us."

The Students also gave Deaton and his wife Anne big heads of themselves signed by every student in attendance along with Marching Mizzou performing at the event.

Brady Deaton, the Chancellor at The University of Missouri, said he was completely surprised and appreciated the acts of kindness that ensued.

"Tonight's display of affection and warmth by this wonderful group of students is just absolutely overwhelming." Deaton said.

The surprise farewell lasted only fifteen minutes, with nearly one hundred students in attendance. Deaton's last day as Chancellor is Friday, November 15.