Farm to table

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FULTON - Buying food locally can save gas and money and get the food to the table  faster. A family in Fulton is using the internet to make the process easier on everyone.

2BuyAg is a digital marketplace that lets buyers see what farmers are selling and farmers see what buyers are needing. 

"Connect. Buy. Sell." reads its webpage.

The site allows buyers to search for food products using a variety of specific filters such as non-GMO and grass-fed. Once they find a seller with the product they need, they can message sellers and work out specifics in price and quantity.

Co-founder and CEO Kim Harrison hopes this will lead to a long-term connection between buyer and seller. 

"What sets us apart is that we are big into developing the relationship, and that we want to facilitate the relationship," Harrison said. "We aren't trying to control what the farmer is growing or control what the consumer is buying."

Harrison and her daughter Olivia Vann, co-founder and chief marketing officer, started 2BuyAg in January. They now have roughly 200 users. Forty percent are farmers and 60 percent are buyers, Vann said.

Vann, a 2015 MU grad, has been working very closely with her mother to get 2BuyAg off the ground. Their mother-daughter bond has strengthened since January as they have gotten to know each other as co-workers.

"We know we have our own strengths," Vann said. "We compliment each other and there's different areas that I can work on and ones that she can work on."

As they finish out their first year of business, they don't plan to slow down.

"As long as there's that audience there, we can go whether it's in Missouri, whether it's in Wisconsin, Ohio, even international," Vann said.