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COLUMBIA - The Farmers and Artisans Market had a poor turn out Sunday morning. Bad weather has not only decreased the amount of customers stopping by but also the growth of their crops.

Some farmers said their beans, grains and other crops are suffering because of the increased amount of water flooding their fields. Other farmers said the extra rain has helped their crops grow, but made it more difficult to plant them.

The main difference between the crops that are succeeding and those suffering is where they are planted. Fields in low areas or near the river are getting so much rain some crops are almost underwater. While fields in the hills or other high areas are able to soak in the necessary water and let the rest run off.

Glasgow farmer Arlen Uthlaut lives in the hills and said his crops are doing great.

"My asparagus is probably doing even better this year, they seem to like the extra water, and everything else is doing as well as in a normal year or a little better," Uthlaut said.

He said the farmers market has been a little slower because of rainy weather, but that the amount of vendors hasn't changed much. He said even though farmers are struggling with their crops everyone seems to be managing just fine.