Farmers Markets Bill Moves Through House Committee

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Missouri House Rules Committee passed Senate Bill 727 Tuesday night. The bill would create sales and use tax exemption for farm products sold at markets.

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City, sponsored the bill.

The Thoenen family grows produce and has sold at farmers markets for the past 20 years. Randy Thoenen's two youngest sons are in charge of the tomatoes that were on sale in Jefferson City Tuesday. Thoenen said it would bring a better bottom line for farmers if they didn't have to include sales tax in their prices.

"It would help to some degree, but then again right now it takes away from our bottom line so we would like to see more of that for the farmers part of it," Thoenen said.

The Thoenen family grows greenhouse tomatoes, field tomatoes, watermelons, cantalopes, sweet corn, peppers and eggplant just to name a few.

The bill will move to the full house for debate next. If passed into law, it would go into effect in August.