Farmers Meet to Learn Best Way to Deal with Drought

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BOONVILLE - Farmers met Tuesday at the Cooper County Fairgrounds to discuss ways to deal with the extreme heat affecting their crops and livestock.

The event had four speakers who adressed topics like the dangers of feeding livestock corn with nitrates, the mechanics of turning corn crop into food for the livestock, optimizing harvest equipment so no crop gets lost in the machine. They also discussed recapturing nutrients from corn that isn't worth harvesting. That way, farmers will be able to reuse the expensive nutrients they give the corn.

The event was organized by Sydenstricker. Scott Brees who works for Sydenstricker said the company decided to hold the event because many farmers were calling in with questions the company couldn't answer.

The room was packed with farmers concerned about this summer's heat and lack of rain. About one hundred farmers attended to take notes. Many in attendance say they learned helpful advice as this drought continues.