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MONITEAU COUNTY - A toddler died on Tuesday after he was run over by a skid steer.

According to a report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the boy's name was Elam Shirk. 

According to the Moniteau County Sheriff's Department, the accident happened on private property off Mullins Road, southwest of Latham. According to authorities, the older boy was apparently driving the tracked skid steer in the yard when the younger boy got in the way and was hit.

The child died at the scene; the sheriff's department said the incident has been ruled an accident. The older male was not injured.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Scott White said machinery is one of the biggest causes of farming accidents.

"The leading cause of fatal injuries on farms is because of farm machinery," he said. "And while you can't make a farm completely safe, you can do things to minimize those risks."

White also said farmers need to acknowledge the risks of farm machinery.

"The important part of farm safety is to just understand that it could happen," he said. "And when you have that mind set, you just make sure you mitigate those risks and you try to be safe as possible. If you go through the mind set of 'I don't think this is going to happen,' that's when the read danger occurs."

No other information on the accident is being released to protect the privacy of the family. 

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the incident occurred Monday. It happened Tuesday.