Farming School for Families

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COLUMBIA - MU's South Farm hosted its fifth annual showcase to teach families about advancements in science and improvements in agricultural production.

The 1,452-acre research and teaching center featured some activities like a petting zoo, soil testing opportunities, and agricultural engineering demonstrations.

Attendees were able to taste tomatoes, sample wine, and learn more about alternative fuels while having fun.

Assistant director of the Missouri Agriculture Experiment Station John Poehlmann said the event and the activities were all important because they help people to understand more about their food, natural resources, and surroundings.

"I will hope that from this people can number one explain and understand that agriculture is more than just crops and cows, but it certainly involves many disciplines," said Poehlmann.

 Poehlmann also said he hopes the information provided to the families will give them more knowledge about science and agricultural techniques.