Fast-growing college major added by MU School of Engineering

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COLUMBIA - The MU College of Engineering announced it will add biomedical engineering as a degree program.

Biomedical engineers develop life-saving technology like prosthetics, radiation therapy, laser surgery, and many other advancements.

The program will be available to new students in the fall of 2018. MU will become the first public school in Missouri to have a biomedical engineering program.

Jinglu Tan, chair of the Department of Bioengineering said the biomedical degree has been in high demand.

“This is a part of our strategic goals, to meet the demands of our students,” he said. “We think the program will have a really positive impact on both faculty and students.”

Tan said the school already has the resources and faculty needed for the biomedical program, and it will not cost MU any additional funding.

“We’re not requesting anything from the University or the UM system,” Tan said. “Eventually, we’d like to add more faculty, but the basic curriculum is covered.”

Tan said the long-term impact of the program will be felt throughout the state.

“This is a growing industry in Missouri. This will help prepare Missouri students for employment and contribute to economic growth in Missouri,” he said.

Forbes recently ranked biomedical engineering as the most valuable college major based on data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the bureau, jobs in biomedical engineering have grown by 72 percent since 2010, and they are expected to keep growing during the next decade.

Biomedical engineering is one of the top fields in both pay and in pay growth and recent graduates have a median income level of $61,815. 

Riley Short, an undergraduate engineering student, said he is happy to see the school add an important degree.

“It’s really good to see that we actually have a concrete solidified documentation that it is a degree program now. It’s going to open the door up for a lot different opportunities,” he said.