FASTCAT Bus Frequency Reduced for Spring Break

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COLUMBIA - Saturday was the first full day Columbia Transit switched the FASTCAT route to its Academic Spring Break schedule while University of Missouri students are on spring break.

Columbia Public Works said the downtown route will still continue throughout the students' break, but on a less frequent schedule. Instead of a bus stopping at each stop every 15 minutes like usual, buses will be at every stop in 30 minute increments. Public Works said the route will continue for businesses, city employees and anyone in the MU and Stephens College area who wishes to use the buses.

Public Works said the adjusted schedule is designed to align with other city bus times from the Wabash Station for any riders wanting to make transfers.

Saturday is also the first day Tiger Line bus routes stopped running completely. The route, which is a free service to the University of Missouri, will start back up when MU students come back from spring break on Sunday, March 30 at 1 p.m.

The FASTCAT route will resume normal stops every 15 minutes on Monday, March 31.