Father and son embrace coaching at North Callaway

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KINGDOM CITY – North Callaway football players have a nickname for defensive line coach Robert Rosenbaum.

“We called him ‘Rosenpops’ and it just kind of stuck after the first couple days of practice,” senior defensive guard Nick Douglas said.

According to Douglas, the “Rosenpops” nickname isn’t just a nickname out of fun, it’s one out of necessity.

“My youngest son Ross is also on the staff so he’s known as Coach Rosenbaum and I’m known as ‘Coach Rosenpop,’” Robert Rosenbaum said.

Ross serves as North Callaway’s defensive coordinator and coaches with his dad Robert.

North Callaway coach Kevin O’Neal said the similarities between the two are uncanny, especially on the football field. 

“Robert has a lot of grit. I definitely see where Ross gets his passion for the game from,” O’Neal said.

Ross Rosenbaum’s passion for football started at a young age. As a kid, Ross would watch his dad play semi-pro football in the "Bullet Ball" semi-pro football league. Ross got his start playing Pop Warner football at the age of four and would play football until college.

But the football playing days didn’t leave as big of an impact on Ross Rosenbaum as his first chance at coaching football.

“When my dad was coaching a youth team when I was in 10th or 11th grade, he actually used to drive me down and I’d help him call the offense. I really got a taste for it then and I decided that coaching might be something I want to do when I get older.” Ross Rosenbaum said.

Ross Rosenbaum would take a job at North Callaway as a math teacher, head wrestling coach and assistant football coach. One season after being hired at North Callaway, Ross Rosenbaum was promoted to defensive coordinator.

As the new defensive coordinator, Ross Rosenbaum adopted his dad’s defensive scheme and brought it to North Callaway.

"I actually ran my dad's defense. It's the defense he had been running for about seven or eight years as a d-coordinator up home. So I was calling him everyday anyways, getting his input, getting his advice," Ross Rosenbaum said. 

Eventually, Ross Rosenbaum invited his dad to help run North Callaway’s summer football camp this past summer.

“I was just gonna come for camp. They offered me the position to come and help and I thought about it and I thought ‘you know, I’d rather do that than anything so yeah I’ll come,’” Robert Rosenbaum said.

North Callaway players didn’t notice much of a different once Robert Rosenbaum joined the coaching staff.

“He just likes to hit a lot harder and yell a little louder,” Douglas said.

Robert Rosenbaum even sees the similarities between him and his son.

“When I see him coach a lot, I see myself in him. The tone, the direction, the intensity, etc,” Robert Rosenbaum said.

Having his dad on the sidelines with him is just like old times for Ross Rosenbaum.

“I played for him for so long. I’ve listened to him my whole life. So when I hear his voice, it’s nice to hear him say the right things and I don’t have to worry about the d-line,” Ross Rosenbaum said.

Both Robert and Ross Rosenbaum enjoy having one another on the sidelines.

“It’s been a dream and I’m enjoying it. We’re already talking about figuring out how we’re going to do it next year if it could be that way. We’re going to come back and keep after it,” Robert Rosenbaum said.