Father of Alleged Kidnapping Victim Speaks Out

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CALDWELL COUNTY - The father of alleged kidnapping victim Lauren Crawford spoke at a news conference at the Caldwell County Courthouse Friday.

Morgan County Sheriff's deputies arrested Brian Adkison on several charges on June 21, including kidnapping, sexual assault, and forcible rape. Crawford is a student at the University of Missouri. Adkison later escaped from the Caldwell County Detention Center in the early morning hours of August 11 and he is still missing.

Sheriff Jerry Galloway from the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office said the news conference was to remind the public of the ongoing investigation. He said, "What we are doing today is just getting his picture out there again. We are just asking for people's help. He has to be out there someplace so we are asking for everyone's help."

Sheriff Galloway said if anyone has information on Adkison's whereabouts to call their local 911 or the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office at 816-586-2681.

Adkison is considered dangerous and in his attempts to evade police, he is known to have lead officers on high speed pursuits, committed burglaries, and stolen vehicles. There is no clothing or vehicle description available.

There is no known local address to his name and he is known to frequent the Columbia area.