fathers day spending

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COLUMBIA - Father's Day spending is estimated to account for $14.3 billion in sales, according to a survey done by the National Retail Federation (NRF). In the 13 year history of the survey, this would be a record high for spending on the holiday.

The NRF also estimated people would spend an average of $125.92 each on Dad, which is up from last year's $115.57.

Saturday afternoon, downtown Columbia was busy with shoppers, many of them on the hunt for Father's Day gifts and cards.

"We saw a bunch of people this week from kids with their mothers, to grandmothers shopping for their sons who are now dads. You have a much more diverse customer base during these types of weeks," said Sam Gardner. Gardner is a salesman at Binghams, a men's clothing store downtown.

Tara Vishnesky was shopping for her dad downtown. She said the holiday brought her to the stores in downtown Columbia for the first time ever. Vishnesky said she went to a few shops and ran into other young people shopping for fishing and camping gear, ties and cards for their fathers.

None of the businesses KOMU 8 reached out to were running Father's Day specials, but most of the restaurants in downtown said they anticipated more customers than an ordinary Sunday.