Faurot Field Hosts Annual Kickball Game Unlike Any Other

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COLUMBIA, Mo. - There have been more than a few memorable moments at Faurot Field this season. They include T.J. Moe's miracle catch, the homecoming upset of Oklahoma and Blaine Gabbert's final home game, to name a few.

However, they all pale in comparison to a battle straight out of grade school: the annual Mizzou Sports Information Department kickball game.

While it may seem friendly on the surface, after the burgers are grilled and the teams are picked, bragging rights go on the line.

"That's the reason we're out here," said senior Casey Adams. "We work with each other every day, just to go out here and have a little fun at the end of the year."

Perhaps there is no better opportunity to take a few pot shots at fellow workers than during the athletic spectacle.

"Well, it's all fun and games," said Tiger gymnastics SID Jenny Dewar, "but we always get to rip on each other a little bit, so it makes it fun."

In the end, it's a chance for the department's students - many of them seniors - to play on Faurot Field. And that's worth plenty more than any score.