Fayette gets House approval to impose additional sales tax

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JEFFERSON CITY - A House bill passed Tuesday adds Fayette to a list of cities that impose, upon voter approval, a public safety sales tax. 

Fayette's East Ward Alderman, Anthony Shiflett, said, "Equipment costs get higher and, like other small towns, the budget sometimes decreases with the removal of businesses."

Fayette in particular, he said, would like to use the sales tax for public safety equipment such as bullet proof vests for police officers and bunker gear for firefighters.

The current combined sales tax rate in Fayette is 7.975 percent. The maximum a city can ask for is a 0.5 percent increase.

Shiflett said "it may not be that much." 

If Senate approves the bill, it will go on a City of Fayette election ballot in April of 2020.

Although it's earlier in the process, Shiflett has yet to hear any opposition to the tax, he said.