Fayette resident reacts to local plane crash

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FAYETTE - Fayette Resident Megan Monckton said she and her husband had plans to go flying with pilot Charles McCutcheon, before McCutcheon and passenger Bryan Roth died in a plane crash Monday afternoon.

"We actually ran into each other, Chuck, my husband and I, over the winter, and we were talking about his plane," Monckton said. "And he was like 'Yeah when it gets warmer, you guys need to come out and we'll take it out in the air'."

Monckton said she learned about the fatal crash from her husband.

"We had seen it on Facebook," she said. "It was advertised on there."

Monckton said she and her husband were fairly close to McCutcheon, and knew McCutcheon was an experienced flyer.

"He'd been flying for many years," she said. "I believe he was a veteran from the Vietnam War."

Monckton said she is sure the crash was out of McCutcheon's control.

"It had to have been a malfunction of the plane or some out of the world health problem on Chuck's part," she said. "Running into power lines is a rookie move. He was not a rookie."

Monckton said these two deaths will have an impact on everyone in the Fayette community.

"He was very friendly," she said. "It's very sad and just unbelievable. Whether you knew Chuck or not, our community comes together because we all know someone who knew him and is affected by this."

Monckton said the community comes together during times like these.

"Just recently we had another member in our community lose their father, and that was just last week," Monckton said. "It makes your realize in an unfortunate event, especially like this, or any loss, how precious your time is."

An investigation update on the cause of the plane crash has not yet been released. KOMU 8 News will update this story as more information becomes available.