Fayette suspect arraigned for murder and armed criminal action charges

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FAYETTE - A suspect in the Fayette homicide was arraigned in Howard County Friday morning.

Alfredo Demario Hicks Jr. is facing charges for first-degree murder and armed criminal action after allegedly killing John Lamar Turner Monday afternoon.

According to a probable cause statement issued by Chief Jeffrey Oswald of the Fayette Police Department, Hicks was buying marijuana from Turner when Hicks shot him in the head during the transaction.

Chief Oswald's probable cause statement said police were able to track down Hicks through his phone.

A number registered to Hicks was texting back-and-forth with Turner's phone number. The police were able to ping the phone's location to two addresses.

According to the probable cause statement, Hicks was found at one of the addresses.

Police said Hicks allowed them to search his phone. Police found that Hicks did two Google searches. One query was "if .380 ammo can be traced by law enforcement" and the other "if its better to shoot a .380 pistol up close or far away."

The probable cause statement said Hicks stated he used a .380 caliber pistol to shoot Turner.

Hicks' preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 28.