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BOONE COUNTY - Every year, the FBI releases its Uniform Crime Report, an overview of crime in the country. In the 2011 UCR, the FBI showed a decrease in crime across the country, including Boone County.

But Boone County Detective Thomas O'Sullivan said the decrease shown in the UCR does not match up with local numbers.

"I know the FBI has their statistics, but in many respects it's an apples and oranges comparison because they're lumping everybody into one big pool," O'Sullivan said. "I can tell you things remain fairly constant here in Boone County over the last several years."

According to the Boone County Sheriff's Department, the number of violent crimes, including homicide, rape, assault, domestic violence and robberies, was 1,310. However, 1,072 of those reports were dismissed or cleared, leaving 238 violent crime reports.

But according to the FBI's UCR, the Boone County Sheriff's Department received 90 reports of violent crimes in 2011. Of those 90, 74 were assaults. This number is a decrease from 2010, when Boone County had 116 reports of violent crimes. 

These numbers do not include Columbia Police Department reports. 

"I'd be leery to try and use those statistics as some type of barometer of what's going on here in Boone County," O'Sullivan said. "You can look at our crime stats and that will tell you what's going on in Boone County."

O'Sullivan said the crime rates in Columbia have remained fairly constant over the past few years, but the Sheriff's Department is working to help the numbers decrease. The Sheriff's Department has a patrol unit in "hot spots" around the county as a proactive measure against crime. 

The 2012 Preliminary UCR showed a decrease in crime in the first six months of 2012, but the final report for all 12 months will not be released until later this year.