Feather company sues over wings destined for Victoria\'s Secret

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CALIFORNIA - A mid-Missouri company that makes feathers is suing a company that provides store displays, saying the business did not pay it to make and ship feather wings for Victoria's Secret.

Zucker Feather Products Inc., based in California, Missouri, filed suit against Holiday Image LLC for $534,000, the total cost of the wings, according to invoices provided to the court. Invoices.pdf

The documents show Holiday Image LLC hired Zucker Feather to make and deliver feather wings to Victoria's Secret Stores Brand Manager.

Zucker Feathers said it completed the order and shipped it directly to Victoria's Secret, but never received compensation, which was due on September 30th.

According to court documents, Holiday Image's controller, Tony Auliano, said the company was not in a position to pay Zucker Feathers because of a dispute with Victoria's Secret. Zucker_Feather_Lawsuit.pdf