Federal budget could cut thousands from Mid-Missouri schools

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JEFFERSON CITY - Proposed budget cuts from President Trump could leave Mid-Missouri schools without thousands of dollars for teacher's educational resources.

In March, the Trump administration released its budget for the 2018 fiscal year, which would cut the Department of Education's funding by 13 percent, or $9 billion.

Included in the education cuts would be $2.4 billion dollars toward the Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants program, or Title II, which funds "grants to national non-profit organizations for... professional enhancement activities for teachers, principals, or both," according to the U.S. Department of Education's website.

Several Mid-Missouri school districts were recipients of this funding last school year, according to data from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In 2015-2016, Jefferson City recieved $312,250 from the program, while Columbia was given $565,710.

The money from Title II pays for things like seminars, conferences and workshops. Not all of the funding from Title II goes toward professional development for teachers, however. In Jefferson City, the majority of the money goes toward funding pre-schools and disadvantaged schools.

Neither Jefferson City Public Schools or Columbia Public Schools were available for comment.

The fiscal year doesn't begin until October 1, so final budget allocations may change before then.