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COLUMBIA - Local FedEx workers said Monday they agree with their comapny's assessment that this day is its busiest shipping day of the year.  Officials said the date was noted from a trending report showing peaks in the amount of packages sent through shipping.

Workers at the FedEx office in Columbia said the store is at its busiest around 6 p.m. when people are getting off work.  Amanda Lake said she came in early to beat the crowd.  "I was hoping that it wouldn't be a super long line.  I got lucky, I think, coming in early,"  she said.

Mondays are always busy days since no shipping is done on the weekends.  This is also the last Monday before the Friday deadline for Christmas shipping. Those planning on shipping gifts they wish to arrive by Christmas have until Friday to send them.

FedEx said online shopping is also to blame for long lines at the shipping desk.  "I know I do a lot more online shopping just because sometimes you can get easier deals and better deals, and it can be less expensive,"  Taylor Werthauser said.  Days like Cyber Monday cause customers to add to the 17 million packages FedEx expects to move on its busiest day.

To ensure faster service, shippers should make sure to choose an appropriately-sized box for their items, along with plenty of cushioning. Newspaper and bubble wrap are good to use for this. Also, shippers should be sure to avoid packaging items in non-shipping containers like shoe boxes.  If the item has sharp edges, shippers should cover them with tape so they don't cut through the packaging.  Before sealing the package, it is a good idea to place an extra label inside with the recipient's address and phone number plus return information, just in case the outter label gets lost.  Finally, shippers should seal the outside of the box with tape along all seams.  For more in-depth directions, click here.