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BOONVILLE - Emergency management officials announced this week they have partnered with FEMA to send text message alerts. Cell phone towers will automatically send out text alerts regarding weather emergencies, amber alerts and even Presidential emergencies. This will go into effect next month. iPhones and Androids will need a software update in order to receive the alerts. The alerts will not cost anything, but If you do not want the alerts sent to your phone, you can opt out.

Director of Cooper County Emergency Management Agency, Tom White said, "About ten percent of cell phones are capable."

"One life lost is one life too much and we will do everything we can to protect the lives of citizens," said White.

Cooper County Emergency Management is also working on a project called "New Radio Telephone" or next generation 911. You can call or text the 911 operator and it will show your name, number and your location.

You can also hook up your phone to the Internet to call the 911 operator. This new upgrade has no set date, but other states are using this as a test bed.