FEMA Disaster Recovery Center leaving Eldon, moving to Osage County

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COLUMBIA - The FEMA disaster recovery center in Eldon will close Wednesday at 7pm and relocate to St. George Parish in Osage County, opening on Friday.

One disaster recovery manager with FEMA, Glenda Breeding, said she can see the impact they are having on the community.

"I think that we've offered help and hope. This community has been fantastic, the people here have been very very good," Breeding said.

FEMA has approved 25 households for $125,000 in grants in Miller County as of Tuesday. FEMA has also approved 804 households for Individual Assistance grants and provided more than $3.6 million directly to the survivors to help with their recovery.

Media Relations Specialist, Renae Gaskins, said the goal of these disaster recovery centers (DRC) is to provide one-on-one assistance to Missourians affected by recent flooding, severe storms and tornadoes.

"Survivors don't have to come to the DRC to register for disaster assistance. A lot of folks, however, prefer that face-to-face contact, so the DRCs give them that option."

Gaskins said she wants people who are under insured or uninsured to still apply to FEMA if they need help. The deadline to apply for assistance is September 9.

Breeding said FEMA's mission is help during all parts of the disaster recovery: before, during and after.

"We feel like we have made a difference because we have worked as partners and we've had great community support here and we've been able to give people a lot of help," Breeding said.

The new DRC will be relocated to St. George Parish, 613 East Main Street in Linn starting Friday 26 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.