FEMA Discusses Joplin Plans for Next Week

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JOPLIN - After Sunday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA's) payment for 90 percent of the expedited debris removal ends. Starting then, FEMA will pay just 75 percent of the debris removal in the expedited area.

"Eligible debris removal continues until the job is done whether it's three weeks or three months from now," Joplin FEMA Supervisor Mike Karl said.

The expedited debris area is the part hardest hit in Joplin. Sunday will be the 75th day since the May 22nd tornado. FEMA's 90 percent payment plan ends 75 days after the tornado. Since it hit, the state has picked up the other 10 percent of expedited debris removal in the area. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon already announced the state will pick up the entire 25 percent FEMA doesn't cover starting Monday.

"The only thing that I've had from Fema is sorry...sorry letters," Joplin resident Roxana Bruckner said.

Nixon said he was very disappointed Wednesday when he found out Joplin's request for an extension on the 90/10 payment plan was rejected. Bruckner expressed disappointment as well that her requests for the cut down of trees was denied. FEMA will pick up loose tornado debris from residential properties only in the expedited agreement.