FEMA Extension Requested for Joplin

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JEFFERSON CITY- Governor Nixon filed a request for an extension on the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Expedited Debris Removal program in Joplin. As of now FEMA pays for about 90 percent of debris removal costs but come the August 7 deadline, FEMA funding will fall to 75 percent. Governor Nixon wants to push back that deadline until August 31 of this year.

So far more than 1.1 million cubic yards of debris have been removed with FEMA's assistance.
Nixon said in a statement that in the past two months the city has made a lot of progress in clearing away the debris which he says is only possible because of cooperation from federal, state and local partners and of course all the people in Joplin.

More than eight thousand homes and businesses were destroyed during the tornado, not to mention personal property, roads and everything else. Nixon said the extension would help ensure the people in Joplin have the resources to continue debris removal.