FEMA wraps up Jefferson City repair advising

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JEFFERSON CITY - FEMA officials gave people their last bit of rebuilding advice Tuesday.

FEMA set up booths at Lowe's and Menard's over the weekend to share home-improvement tips on rebuilding safer homes after the May tornado and flooding.

"If [people are] coming in to do remodeling, why not do it so that they're better prepared in case of future natural disasters?" FEMA spokesperson Crystal Payton said.

Adolph Hernandez, a FEMA Community Education Outreach Specialist, said there are a variety of ways for people to protect their homes.

"Maybe have some sandbags," Hernandez said. "In a wind event, they want to make sure that their roof and their shingles are are properly installed so they don't have future damages. They want to have storm shutters for their windows. Maybe they want to have some type of locks [for] their garage doors because normally in a hard wind event, [they] could be damaged."

All of the preparedness tips handed out by FEMA in-person are available online.

"That's our main goal here right now," Hernandez said. "Just [to] alert the people and give them information on where to build a safe room inside their homes."

Outside of preparedness, FEMA encourages people to be careful when it comes to picking a contractor. Officials say investigate, get it in writing and beware of disreputable business activities such as "special deals" by unknown contractors.

Sept. 9 is the last day to apply for FEMA assistance if you suffered damage from the summer storms.