Feral Pigs

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JEFFERSON CITY - One lawmaker wants to allow people to hunt and process feral hogs meat. Supporters hope this will help cut-down on the feral hog overpopulation in Missouri. However the Department of Conservation said this will have an opposite impact and attach an incentive to keeping feral pigs around.

Rep. Jered Taylor, R-Nixa, presented his bill to the Missouri House of Representatives.

He said processing the meat of feral hogs is no different than any other animal and compares it deer processing.

Taylor said legalizing feral hog hunting and commercialization would benefit families in need.

"We could give the hog meat to the Share the Harvest program which would feed families that are less fortunate that may go hungry tonight," Taylor said. "As well as eradicate those animals which is the ultimate goal in Missouri."

As supporters of the bill believe it will help lower feral hog populations, those in opposition think it will encourage more feral pigs in Missouri.

The Department of Conservation said commercializing feral hogs establishes value and  a market for their meat. Their goal is to eradicate the destructive animal. In the past year, the Department of Conservation has removed almost 6,600 feral hogs from Missouri.