Few People Report Stolen Car Tires

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COLUMBIA - A woman told KOMU 8 News Wednesday all four of her car tires were stolen last weekend from the parking lot in Parkway Apartments. Ashley Jenkins said she first noticed the vandalism at 9:21 a.m. when she was on her way to church at the Crossing. The perpetrator left the car suspended on cinder blocks.

Jenkins parked the car Saturday night at 10:30, and her sister, who got home two hours later, said no damage had been done at that point. Jenkins said Parkway Apartments sees a lot of cars coming in and out until about 3 a.m. on Sundays.

After Jenkins reported the incident to the Columbia Police Department, Officer Brad Anderson arrived on the scene. CPD told Anderson this was the second incident involving stolen tires in recent weeks. The previously targeted vehicle was parked off Rollins Street near the MU campus. The individual who towed her car said he had seen similar vandalism done to a car parked near Stephens College.

Mandy Dudley, a Columbia resident, said her tires were also stolen a few weeks ago while her vehicle was parked in Columbia College parking lot.

Jenkins reported the incident to her car insurance, Progressive, which is replacing all four of her tires for her deductible. Jenkins said the entire damage to the automobile cost $2400. Jenkins has to pay $337 out of her own pocket for it, and insurance will cover the rest.

"I'm just concerned that no one knew it was happening," Jenkins said. "If I'd been aware, I'd have secured my tires prior to and possibly not parked in a convenient parking spot that left my vehicle open to the attack."

Jenkins said she will place lock nuts on her vehicle to ensure the vandalism won't happen again. Jenkins said she wishes she had been warned about the recent string of incidents, so that she could have put them on her car earlier.