Fewer season ticket holders at the MU football games

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COLUMBIA - There may be fewer people at the Mizzou football game this Saturday. After a 5-7 season last year, there are fewer fans renewing their season passes according to Chad Moller, associate athletic director, strategic communications for MU football.  He said he is not surprised there were fewer people buying passes.

"Historically, when we have a losing season, sales go down the following year.  To compare apples-to-apples, the last time we had a losing season was 2012, when we also went 5-7.  The next year, our renewal rate for 2013 was 85%. Point being, the renewal rate this year is very comparable to that scenario," Moller said.

Katie Laughlin said she did not buy passes this year because she felt it was a waste of money.

"Last year I did get the student pass and the thing with it was I didn't go to a lot of the games and it felt like a big waste of money and that was because we usually just went to the tailgates," Laughlin said. 

Still one student, Elizabeth Spiegel, said she's excited for the upcoming season and plans to attend the games.

"I am a freshman here at Mizzou and I've never been to a football game before so I just can't wait for that college tailgate and game experience this year," Spiegel said. 

Moller said he still believes the stands will be full of fans.

"Keep in mind that when you sell fewer season tickets, you have more single-game inventory to sell, and we do anticipate being up with our single-game sales over last year.  Of course, you don't know those figures until the season is over, but that is our goal certainly," Moller said.