Fewer shoppers out on labor day

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COLUMBIA - Few shoppers were out on what many stores consider a big day for sales. With several businesses closed on Labor Day, it gives many people a chance to shop on their day off.

In order to take advantage of that, several stores had special sales Monday, but few shoppers were taking advantage.

The parking lots were mostly empty at the Columbia Mall and shopper David Nykodym said he saw few around inside.

"It was pretty slow in there today. It was nice and slow, didn't seem like a lot was going on," said Nykodym.

One shopper said the sales they saw seemed to be regular sales and the stores with bigger sales didn't apply to them.

Nykodym said people might feel guilty shopping on what is intended to be a day off.

"Today happened to be convenient. I usually feel guilty about coming in today since other people have to work while I have the day off," said Nykodym.

Store officials weren't able to comment on the lack of customers early on, but hoped numbers would increase throughout the day.