Fewer than One Percent of Boone County Residents Ride the Bus

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COLUMBIA - The City of Columbia and Columbia Transit will reveal the bus system's new look Tuesday at noon.

In a news release, members of the city said they the bus line needed major improvements in service and marketing. Columbia Public Works said the new brand will be a great way to launch the more efficient system that is replacing the dated "Columbia Transit" brand. Public works said the old brand has been stagnant for at least a couple of decades. 

According to information from the Columbia Area Transportation Study Organization (CATSO), in 2010 only .5 percent of the people living in Boone County used public transportation to get to and from work. Below is a pie chart which shows the total Boone County Travel-to-Work Mode Split. 


Overall, Columbia Transit ridership decreased from 1998 to 2002. In 2005, Columbia Transit began including the MU student population into the ridership numbers which resulted in a drastic increase. Since 2005, there has been a steady increase of riders. 

"Students are a primary demographic," City Transportation Manager Drew Brooks said. "Anything we do to improve transportation for the student population and the university population in general is going to be an improvement for the entire city, so we think this design is the best of both worlds it actually addresses the student issues addresses the community issues together."

Columbia Transit said it has been working with Creative Ink, a professional student-run marketing firm at Stephens College, for the past year on "CoMO Connect." CoMO Connect is the new brand name for Columbia Transit and the name of the year-long project. 

Columbia Public Works said the team of students worked closely with city staff and the community to determine the needs of the new bus system and spent months developing a new brand that was innovative, customer focused, and exciting. Brooks said he wants the logo to reflect the vibrant and exciting changes. 

The ribbon-cutting included a presentation from city staff and members of Creative Ink. The new brand will offically take affect with the new CoMO Connect Transit System launch in August. For more information on the changes, visit CoMO Connect's website.