Filibuster Holds Up State Budget

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri budget stalled Monday afternoon due to a filibuster lead by a group of Republican Senators. It has been nearly 40 years since there has been a debate on the budget once it hits the Senate floor.

The nine fiscal conservatives disatisfied with the $24 billion budget held closed door negotiations throughout the night the hammer out a deal. They also presented Senate leadership with a list of demands, including the removal of $50 million in a federal grant to upgrade the state's Medicaid computer system and cuts to early childhood education.

The delay lasted 8 hours on Monday, and Senate leadership said they expected it to continue on Tuesday.

The Missouri Constitution requires the budget to be finished and sent to Gov. Jay Nixon by May 11, 2012, one week before the conclusion of the legislative session. Senate Majority Leader Tom Dempsey, R - St. Charles, said the three weeks remaining were plenty of time for the Senate to pass a final budget.