Filling Potholes in Jefferson City

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JEFFERSON CITY - Drivers in Jefferson City were complaining about potholes Wednesday. Jefferson City teacher Kristina Rentfro says potholes have caused problems for drivers the past couple of years. Rentfro says, "It impedes the flow of traffic, people get frustrated.  I'm sure that occasional accidents happen because people will slam on their brakes right away to make sure they don't mess up their tires."

City officials say they are behind in repairing and keeping up with streets. Operations division director, Britt Smith says the city has about one million dollars to improve street maintenance, and next year the budget will increase to 1.2 million dollars.  Smith says, "We have twenty four employees that work for our street department maintaining those 250 miles of street. So, if you think about it each employee has more than a mile a street to maintain if you just break it down that way.  But there's more to maintaining streets than just repairing the pavement." Smith says the city must keep up with mowing the right-away, fixing storm water pipes, replacing street lights and painting street markers.

Due to a mild winter, the Department of Public Works has 190,000 dollars left over from unused salt.  That money could possibly be used to fix street issues.

One  major street currently under maintenance is Edgewood Drive from 179 to Wildwood Drive. The Department of Public Works plans to repair about eighteen other streets as well. City officials encourage anyone who spots a pothole to report it online on the city's website.