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COLUMBIA – This year’s True/False Film Fest will be colder than some in the past, but that isn’t stopping people from going to see the critically acclaimed documentaries the festival is known for. 

Adam Dietrich and Jack Tideman said they traveled from New York and this is their fifth time coming to the festival.  

“It’s cold, but we’re here,” Dietrich said.

Festival press coordinator Emily Edwards said, even though temperatures will be lower, True/False will still be successful.

“We’re lucky that movie watching is an inside activity. We do have some outdoor showcases, but most of the time we’re really lucky and we can relocate inside,” she said. 

Edwards said directors and moviegoers come from all around the country and the world, and many would not miss the once-a-year event.

Rashayla Marie Brown, who is at the festival for the first time, said she isn’t afraid of the winter weather.

“I think the weather is fine," she said. "I live in Chicago, so this is actually pretty mild.” 

True/False organizers said they are expecting nearly 50,000 “butts in seats” this year.