Final Week Of Legislative Session

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JEFFERSON CITY--The Missouri legislature began the final week of the legislative session by passing the Voter ID bill Monday night. The Senate approved the measure after it passed the house last week. The bill would amend the state constitution to allow lawmakers to create an early voting period and photo ID requirement in order to vote.

Another bill that has passed the house and could find discussion on the senate floor as early as Tuesday is the so-called 'bath salt' bill. The bill hopes to ban synthetic cocaine, often marketed as bath salts. The movement began after the legislature banned k2, or fake marijuana, last spring. Fake cocaine sold as bath salts has become the new alternative. The bill would add all k2 alternatives to the list of controlled substances, making possession a class C felony.

A third hot-button topic that could receive a late push is the nuclear power plant bill. It passed the house but stalled in the senate last month. The bill would allow utility companies like Ameren to charge customers for the cost of an early site permit for building a second nuclear power plant in Missouri. The group Missourians For A Balanced Energy Future is holding a rally Tuesday afternoon outside the Capitol in support of the bill.