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BOONVILLE - Boonslick Industries Unlimited Opportunities sheltered workshop bailed its first batch of donated recyclables this week since its building burned down February 2.

The workshop bailed its first bail on April 2 exactly two months after its building burned down. The workshop has been working to keep things as close to business as usual as possible since the fire. Between Feb. 2nd and April 2nd the workers continued to pick up the recyclables and would drop them off at either Columbia or Sedalia.  The employees and workers supported each other throughout the transition.

"They helped me not cry, as much, because I thought we'd never work again," said Millie Lee, a UOI worker.

"Our number one focus again is our clients, and when we are providing work for them that's it. Thats the best thing we can do for our community and for ourselves." Said workshop manager CJ Welch.

The day programs run by Boonslick Industries have also been up and running since the fire. Day programs were held at Central Elementary and now are running in a strip mall next door to the Route B Cafe.

The third part of the multi-dimensional non-for-profit is the Savy Seconds clothing store. Savvy Seconds was closed for about a week after the fire, but now is open next to Intensive Hair on Morgan Street.  The Savvy Seconds store will change locations on April 16 in the old Orsheln building on Route B. 

Employees for the workshop hope to move back to the old location with a completely new building in about a year.