Fire and Police inspect Columbia bars for fire safety

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Fire and Police Departments recently conducted fire code compliance checks in around 12-16 Columbia bars and nightclubs.

Most bars did not have any code violations, but others, such as Shotbar, Field House, Campus Bar and Grill and Nash Vegas, did have violations.

Most of the issues the Fire department found were able to be fixed on the spot like blocked or locked exits.

“Access to exits is very important, so we’re making sure that those exits are unrestricted, they they’re unlocked and that they’re properly marked. Then anything else that we find that is of concern we’ll point out to the owners,” Assistant Fire Chief Brad Fraizer said.

Another issue the department really focuses on is overcrowding, but only one bar was in violation of that.

Frazier said these issues are important to keep on top of in order to prevent any possible future problems.

“These life safety codes, in particular the fire code, are designed to do that to keep, to preserve, to conserve property and save lives so it’s very important that we all pay attention to these safety measures and we certainly take it seriously,” Fraizer said.

Since Columbia sees a lot of people from different places the department wants to make sure those people are also safe.

“We have a lot of residents that don’t, that aren’t here all the time they may not be familiar with the space, like a nightclub or a bar. So making sure that those life safety features are in place and working is especially important,” Fraizer said.

The most recent checks happened over a five week period, with checks happening on September 24th and October 21 from 9:00 p.m. to 1 a.m.