Fire Chief Says "Business as Usual" After Proposition 2 Fails

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JEFFERSON CITY - After Proposition 2 failed to pass during the primary elections Tuesday, Jefferson City Division Fire Chief Jason Turner said it was back to business as usual for the fire department on Wednesday. Proposition 2 would have charged residents an extra 1/4 cent sales tax to go to the fire department.  It would have helped pay for new equipment and equipment maintenance, training, and maintaining the fire stations.  Fifty-eight percent of voters cast their ballot against the proposition.

Throughout the summer, firefighters campaigned for Proposition 2.  There were yard signs available reading, "Vote Yes Prop 2 for a Safer Community."  Firefighters walked around neighborhoods on foot, knocking on doors and trying to educate the public on the matter. They also held several rallys at the fire stations.

Turner said they'd keep working to educate the community and elected officials on the needs of the fire stations and "hopefully prevail."