Fire Comes Within 20 Feet of Apartment Complex

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Fire Department responded to a brush fire Thursday afternoon.  When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found flames coming within 15-20 feet of the back building at Broadway Townhomes on the 2700 block of Green Valley Dr.  Flames reached six feet in height and burned about an acre of the grassy field behind the complex.  Firefighters found fireworks in three different places in the burnt area, but could not confirm the fireworks caused the fire.

"They (firefighters) arrived on the scene and had pretty good - about 6 foot flames.  A pretty good fire moving across, moving close to the structure.  They knocked that down first and worked their way around it," said Battalion Chief James Weaver.

Weaver said the department has seen an increase in brush and grass fires because of the extremely hot and dry conditions.  Weaver urged people to think twice before setting off fireworks in a dry field.