Fire crews rescue man from sinking truck as flash floods hit Moberly

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MOBERLY - Firefighters pulled a man from a pick-up truck as it was quickly swallowed up by floodwaters in Moberly Monday.

Clifton Hill resident Jim Brown was driving by and got this video as firefighters carefully made their way through chest-deep water and pulled the man to safety.

Brown said he was driving down a side road when he saw the truck being sucked under the water. 

"The guy in the truck tried backing up with no success," Brown said. "His truck started sinking slowly. The fire department pulled up from two directions and got out. They did not waste any time and two firefighters went in quickly."

Brown said they got there just in time.

"Within a few seconds, the truck was gone," he said.

Penny Vogler shot a similar video. She said the driver did not pay attention to warnings.

"I watched the pickup driver maneuver around barriers and attempt to drive thru an already flooded underpass. Once his tires left the pavement, his fate was sealed."

Said the driver had to sit there in the rising water for about 20 minutes before the fire department could get there.

Many videos and photos of the scene show a red car almost completely submerged near the truck.

Moberly resident Catie Sippel said she felt lucky to be driving in a "taller vehicle" as she drove along another partially covered road going home from work. 

Her video below shows half submerged trees and cars and swirling water.

Sipple said someone in a smaller car wouldn't be able to make it.

She said she was worried about the drive back to work and just wanted to stay in.