Fire decimates two semi-trucks in Holts Summit

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HOLTS SUMMIT- Smoke was heavy in the air after two tractor-trailers burned early Wednesday morning in Holts Summit.

Holts Summit Fire Protection District responded at 2:45 a.m. to what nearby residents described as an explosion off of Commerce Drive at the Pro Foods warehouse.

Scott Pasley, the Public Information Officer for the Holts Summit Fire Protection District said that an explosion wasn't quite the case in this event.

"While we aren't ruling out that there might have been a explosion, we think the resident just heard the popping of the truck tires as the truck burned," Pasley said. "Those can be really loud, especially with that size of tire." 

He also told KOMU 8 News that there was no one injured during the incident, and that no one was in the warehouse during the time of the fire.

He said the fire started at one of the semis parked in the docking bay of the warehouse and lept onto the neighboring truck and continued to burn. He said the first left burns and smoke marks along the side of the warehouse.

The cabin of the second truck was also destroyed, with scorch marks along the middle of the truck.

Holts Summit Police Department Sergeant Marc Haycook said the cause of the fire is unknown and an initial damage estimate places the damage at around $500,000.