Fire in the sky

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's yearly fireworks extravaganza is lighting up the sky for the 66th time Wednesday night.

Fire in the Sky is going to involve more than 500 shots and last for 17 minutes. The music it's choreographed to will play on radio station BXR 102.3.

This year the show has moved its usual spot at the Cherry Street garage, and the fireworks will be launched from the field next to Luckys Market on Providence Road. Construction around Peace Park forced the relocation.

The change means the fireworks show is getting bigger, since the show has more space around it now.

Safety concerns are always a big thing with handling fireworks, but Jeff Scott, the man in charge of setting them up for the show, said he is taking the right precautions.

"The main things with these shells is you want distance and for each inch you need at least 70 feet of distance," Smith said.

Since the biggest firework is three inches in diameter, that means nobody will be within 210 feet when the show is going on.

Scott said all he needs to do to make everything go boom is connect all the mortars to a wire that then leads back to a box.

Once the entire show is set up and all ready to go, Scott can launch off the fireworks from 210 feet away with just the press of a button.

Scott said he thinks all of the fireworks that are being shot off tonight cost about $15,000.