Firefighters Ignite Model Dorm Room To Promote Fire Safety

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Fire Department lit fire to a replica dorm room on the MU Campus Wednesday morning. The event was part of the annual Fire Factor Event to promote fire safety.

Firefighters lit a piece of paper on fire and the fire spread rapidly. The room was engulfed in flames in less than one minute. Firefighters put out the fire, while students watched.

Columbia Fire Department Assistant Fire Marshall Jim Pasley said it is important not to overload extension cords, keep the door shut and do not smoke inside.

"If I could give one message it's get out. Unfortunately, a lot of people think we'll stick around and it's the boy who cried wolf. It's another false alarm. The number one concern is get out," said Pasley.

Boone County Fire Battalion Chief Gale Blomenkamp said the recent dry spell in mid-Missouri increases the risk of wild fires, but Boone County is not experiencing the extremely dry conditions of last year's drought.

Blomenkamp said there have been several natural cover fires, but nothing extremely out of the ordinary.

The fire department encourages everyone to consult weather conditions and use safe burning techniques. If anything gets out of control, call 9-1-1 immediately.