Firefighters Respond to Barn Burning Blaze

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BOONE COUNTY - Boone County Fire Officials responded to a large barn fire near Hallsville Sunday afternoon. The fire department received the call at about 1:18 p.m. regarding a barn fire on a property on N. Phillipe road. The fire department responded about 11 minutes later.

Several tankers and emergency response units from The Boone County Fire Department arrived on the scene. 30 personnel in total responded to the fire including one unit from the City of Columbia. It took crews roughly half an hour to contain the fire but not before it spread to several smaller buildings on the property. Fire officials estimate about $25,000 to $30,000 in total damages. The cause of the fire remains unknown at this time but it is speculated that overheating hay in the barn caused the spark.

Said Boone County Fire District Lieutenant Martina Pounds, "Not for sure we can't really tell but there was some...there's a possibility that it was caused by new hay that was put up just recently....not uncommon at this time of year....the hay was when it's that hot and that dry.....they heat up from the inside and then eventually kind of....really self-ignite."

Firefighters have also had to take precautions because of high temperatures. The fire department set up a rehabilitation tent on scene so it could rotate crews in and out and make sure firefighters stayed hydrated.