Fireworks Stands in Boonville Paying it Forward

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BOONVILLE - A Boonville man spent Saturday giving back to the community through the sale of fireworks.

Fireworks for Life is an organization aiming to give back to the local community. Founder of Fireworks for Life Jim Edwards thought of selling fireworks to help those with cancer and local youth groups six years ago. 

Edwards got the idea to pay it forward after his son suddenly needed a liver transplant. The community came together to raise about $25,000 to help out the Edwards family. He said approximately 1-in-4 people cannot afford the hospitalization cost when a life threatening case comes up. 

"He needed about $30,000 in order to have the operation and the rest would be covered," Edwards said. "Most people can't afford that."

After receiving financial help from the community to save his son's life, he felt it was his turn to give back. He said it wasn't even a question as to how he would raise the money to help others.

"I was always in the fireworks business," Edwards said. "Our son wouldn't be alive right now without having the operation, so with the fireworks, we were already in the business and already had the know-how."

Edwards said the fundraiser wouldn't be possible without the help of volunteers from youth groups and members of the community.

Fireworks for Life is the process of filing a 501(c)(3), which would qualify the organization as a non-profit. 

"If we would have been a non-profit last year, we wouldn't have had to pay over $1,500 in taxes and that could have gone to the cancer research," Edwards said.

The fireworks sale runs until July 5.