Fireworks Tents Up and Running After Rainy Weekend

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COLUMBIA - Workers selling fireworks out of tents for Bob's Fireworks told KOMU 8 News customers can expect the tents to be fully operational Sunday afternoon.

Tents were legally allowed to sell fireworks Friday, but workers said rain over the weekend slowed down setting up fireworks and customers wanting to buy them. Bob Gerau, the owner of Bob's Fireworks, said business always starts slow anyway.

"On the third and fourth I'll have 50 employees," Gerau said. "You would love to have less and have more during the beginning of the season, but as you see now there's nobody here but me right now."

Gerau said even though businesses like the tents that have seasonal permits to sell fireworks have a specific window to sell, some stores, like his, have permits to sell year-round.

Missouri law states the window for seasonal permits to sell fireworks is between the "twentieth day of June through the tenth day of July."

Many central Missouri cities have restrictions on the use and possession of fireworks within city limits. Columbia classified the possession and use of fireworks within city limits as a misdemeanor in October of 2012.